Monday, August 26, 2013

Thank You!

Dear friends and family,
Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement with this blog. 
Elder Wigg and I have loved our Senior Couples Office Mission in the India Bangalore Mission.

We love India with her gardens, flowers, birds, colourful fabrics, warm weather and interesting animals.
We have loved the chance to serve in the office and contribute to the growth of the Church in India.

But most of all, we have loved the people and felt it a great honour to meet, get to know and learn to love the sweet people in India, and the great members of the Church here.

We left India in the early morning hours of 1st March 2013 and arrived home safely after 21 hours in the air.  We found our children well and welcoming to us.
We hope you are well and happy in your life as we are in ours.

All our love, Elder Jerome Wigg and Sister Gladys Wigg
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Below are a couple pictures of us and our reunion with our children and grandchildren. I've also included some pictures of our post-mission activities. I hope you have enjoyed the blog.

 This is the welcome home committee!! Nearly everyone was in attendance.
 We went to the Temple a couple days after arriving home.
 March was still a pretty cold, wintery month as you can see by the snow on the ground. And I'm wearing my boots, gloves and (an Indian) scarf!
 We are happy to be able to serve in the Calgary Temple on a regular basis.
 At Easter, we had everyone together except our 2 youngest children.
3 little granddaughters got baptized this day.  It was so wonderful to see these 3 great girls enter the waters of baptism on the same day. It was an event we were happy to be home for!

 We had the chance to go to Utah and see our friends, Vivian & Teresa and their family.  It was great to see them and we had a fun couple of days together.
 We also got to see 2 wonderful sisters who are serving their missions on Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  We saw Sister Smitha Domnic and Sister Serah Doriaswamy, pictured here with Jerome and their 2 companions.
 It was a nice day, but still cool for an Indian. Haha!
 We also got together with 2 returned missionaries from our mission, Josh Katuka and Benz Pimsakul. We had a lovely lunch of Indian food.
This was the lunch bunch in Provo, hosted by Josh's sister, Timnah and her roommates. The food was fabulous and authentic, of course. And it was great to see everyone and meet some new people, too.
 We gave a Stake Fireside in May and there were over 130 people there.  I gave a power point presentation about our mission and India.  It was well received and enjoyed by all, I think.
 I've been doing alot of biking since we've been home.  It's tons of fun!
 We gave a presentation on India in my granddaughter's grade 3 class and I wore my kurta.
 I have entered 2 Triathlons since returning home. This is my first finish where 7 of my grandchildren accompanied me across the finish line!  It was amazingly fun!
Best of all is spending time with my sweet and eternal companion, Jerome.  We are celebrating the Calgary Stampede by dressing up in our western wear and attending the Chuckwagon Races.

We loved India but we are happy to be home and enjoying our family and our home! We still manage to find many ways to serve.  Remember, "it's all good service!!"


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your mission and travels and all the people you met along the way. Thanks so much for sharing with us all! I am glad you are going to put your blog to print now. We are a "record keeping people". Right? Right! ; ) Your posterity will enjoy this journal in the years to come.

  2. Thanks alot, Lynn. I have loved doing this blog and will enjoy seeing it in print, as well. Thanks for your positive support and great comments!! Love Gladys

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