Friday, October 28, 2011


 Elder & Sister Wigg going shopping in an auto on Preparation Day.
 School children in their uniforms.
 Traffic stopped at the light.
 One of the most famous streets in Bangalore.
 The court house.
 Parliament Buildings.
Local artwork

 Ladies in line waiting to get gas.
This is our view of the traffic from the auto rickshaw while stopped at a light.

Diwali Festival

This week India is celebrating "Diwali Festival".  Elder Wigg and I went up onto the roof of our house and watched in utter amazement!  The fireworks were everywhere in the city as far as the eye could see.  It was so beautiful and loud and crazy!

Below are a few of the beautiful sights from our patio above our apartment.

 This is a group of musicians who play for the holiday; they walk the streets and play.  
I took their picture and then they wanted to be paid for it.  Very interesting.

 People of the Hindu faith wash their front sidewalk each morning and repaint it with a fine sand dust or flour.  The artwork is quite spectacular and labor intensive, I would think.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

 Elder Wigg with Baskar, our auto rickshaw driver, at the Park entrance.
 Beautiful foliage!
 The Glass House has flower shows here twice a year.
 Preparation day activity required jeans, a bit of a relief from a skirt.
 School kids on an activity, even on Saturday.
 Topiary Gardens, very lovely.
 A massive tree, only 200 years old.

Pretty Rose-ringed Parakeet. Yes, I still love birds and I have an Indian Bird Book now so that I can identify them!

This is the female Rose-ringed Parakeet; it looks a little different.  She has a shorter tail and less facial markings, but still beautiful and quite common in India.
 Wild monkeys fighting in the park.
 This is a Purple Swamphen. It is similar to Florida's Purple Gallinule.
                                                  Elder Wigg, lookin' good!
 Baskar thought this is an eagle, and it could be a Steppe Eagle. Isn't he pretty!
Actually, I have learned this is a Black Kite.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1st Zone Conference!

 Bangalore & Coimbatore Multi Zone Conference held at Bangalore 2nd Branch on Oct 18, 2011.
 Coimbatore District
Sister & Elder Wigg (name tags, too)
 Bangalore North District
 Bangalore Zone
 Chennai 2nd Branch District
Chennai 1st Branch

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Our Apartment

 This is our Bedroom.  The bed is very comfortable and there is an air conditioning unit as well as a ceiling fan. It makes sleeping totally wonderful even when it's hot.
 The Kitchen/Dining Room is large and spacious.
 The counters are beautiful granite with marble tile on the floors and some carpets.
 There is a water purifier built in which allows for plenty of clean water.
 The Living Room is large and comfortable with a TV/DVD player included.

 There are lots of windows, allowing for light and good airflow. There is also a fan in each room.
 The Shower head is the handheld type. There is a water heater which provides hot water for showers.
 The bathroom is fine.  It has all the necessities in good working order.