Monday, January 21, 2013

It's Cricket Time!!

January 14th was a holiday, and the Branches of the Bangalore District joined together for a day of fun and socializing.  
Well, it was mostly a day of Cricket, but it was fun to socialize, too!
President William
Deepak, Santhosh, Sam, Telex Chris
Brother Doraiswamy as bowler
Sharath bowling...
Deepu bowling.
Selvyn bowling
President Anthony is ready......and he swings.
Deepu, waving to his fans.
Selvyn and Sharath, airborn.
President Anthony, with war paint on.
Rohith, ready......and swinging.
Yeah, go team!!
Sister Thomas & Jennifer

Santhosh & Sam
This little guy is working so hard.
Terence is a batsman.
Santhosh feeling the beat.

The drums are beating and these guys are dancing to the beat!
The crowd goes crazy cheering!
Brother Doraiswamy & Alfred
Richard batting
I like this shot of the ball coming towards Sam.
Sister Prince claps for joy.
Elder Wigg visiting with Jerry.
The Kumar's
Harish with the pop bottle drum.
Elder Wigg is getting in the groove.
Whoo Hoo, Santhosh & Deepak
What a great dance!! Elder Wigg is really into it!
We had lunch, and it was good. We are really good at eating with our hands now.
Alfred's little boy
Look who's come to watch the game!
Rohith, Selvyn & Elder Thanniru enjoying lunch.
Elder Kumar & Sarkies
Elder Dass with Elder Wigg
Elder Dass, Wigg & Kumar

Elder Worton & Elder Christensen
Visali, Ashita, Irene
Sister Abel
Deepak, the ex-missionary
Brother Thomas & President Anthony
President Anthony, cooling down
a monkey fan
President William
Elder Dass & Elder Worton
Telex Chris
Pres Doraiswamy & Celeste
Brother Sunderaj
Alfred we all should daily!
Young Women playing a game, Kabadi.

Elder Kumar is Superman.
Brother Kumar visiting with Pres Prince's mother
Elder Thanniru having a sweet treat.
I love this little guy running around.  
He had a cricket ball and he wouldn't throw it or give it up, he just kept running all around, holding on to it!!
President David & Elder Wigg
A hungry little monkey
These guys are dreaming of the win, I think.
 Elder Dass
Visali, soon goes on her mission.
Jerry is dancing, a man of many talents.
Rosie & Dhilep
 Elder Worton
 I love the happy smiles here! Sister Muthu
"As I lay dying, shoulders are security"!  I love it!
The drummer boys-The kids love the drums in India!
Elder Pydimalla
 What a cutie!
 Elder Wigg visits with Sam?
 So maybe some don't want to watch Cricket all day?
Elder Solomon

Elder Worton, batting

Elder (Roopak) S. Kumar

  Elder Sarkies at bat.
 Elder Dass
 Elder Christensen

 The ladies are visiting while watching.
Suguna, Rathna, Ester
 Sisters, sisters
 Elder Wigg is enjoying himself, a day out of the office, meeting with the saints, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face, and just relaxing.
 Sister Louis
 President & Sister Prince
 Showing the love and care.

 Awww, little girls holding hands, it's so cute!

 Alfred dribbling the ball
 These guys are passing the ball back and forth by bouncing on their heads.
 It's an interesting skill!
 Sharath is a batsman.
 Elder Sarkies & Elder S. Kumar
Sandeep is the bowler.

 Mmmm, that's yummy on a hot day!
 Elder Dass
 Pradhika is so lovely.
 Oh, not a good pic of me, but, that's okay.

 Telex Chris, in the air.
Elder S. Kumar, oops, a swing and a miss.
Diana, Visali, Irene, Mithu
President Anthony & Family
So cute! Candy!

That's amazing, Kevin, bouncing off the head over & over again.
 Soccer now?
Bro Sunderaj
 President Stanley
 Elder Wigg thinks he gets the prize.
Beautiful girls and handsome guys
This is the prize for the 1st and 2nd place teams.