Sunday, January 13, 2013

Adios 2012

The year was winding down and we needed to say goodbye to 2012.

We celebrated at the Church with Whitefield Road Branch.  It was great fun.
We played some games.
This game is like fishing, but the metal ring must go over the top of the pop bottle and lift it up a little.
These brethren are in charge of the ring toss game.
There was some great food provided, rice, of course, and some curry gravy, kabobs and Raita.
These ladies are in line to play the ring toss game.  It's not easy.

President William is competing with Sister Usha.
'Fishing' game spectators
Here is Prem, Usha and Kumar fishing.
President William watching his mother, Teresmica and President Prince.
Elder Wigg giving a try at the ring toss game.
Well, he may not be a winner at this game, but he's always a winner to me.
Now Jacob tries the ring toss.  He was the only winner that I saw the whole night.
Camy & Preetha
This game required teamwork.
You had to pass the little ball along the row of half cylinders without touching it or dropping it.
Then the first person runs to the end and continues the line of players...
...until the little ball reaches the end and goes into the bottle.
Look at that concentration.  This team was the winner.
This next game was a big hit with the members.
You open your left hand and put it up a bit and your right hand pointing finger goes into the hand of the person next to you.
Then when President Prince says 'New Year' you close your left hand quickly and pull your right hand away from your neighbour's hand.
It was fun.
The people here are so competitive and they love games so much.

If your finger was caught in the other person's hand, you were out.
The Circle kept getting smaller and smaller.

These three guys were the winners.  They endured the whole game being faster than their neighbour!
 We taught some dancing; jive, fast normal dancing and then we just danced some.
 Prem & Teresmica were also learning to dance.
We had a Spiritual Devotional at Midnight and welcomed in the New Year with some more dancing.
It was different from our normal New Year's Eve Party but it was a fun social evening.

Welcome 2013!

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