Sunday, January 13, 2013

Visiting Rajahmundry

We had the great opportunity to visit Rajahmundry in December.

Elder Wigg had to look at apartments to rent for the missionaries and President Funk asked if I could take some photos for the Mission History and 20th Anniversary Celebration coming up in April.

It was a wonderful trip.  Here are some of the things we saw and did while there.

 The new airport was the first thing we saw.
 Pretty manicured lawns
 There is so much rice farming here.  This field has been harvested.  You can see the rice straw stacks.
 The area is beautiful!
 I think this guy is caring for his animals.
 The area us quite rural, actually.
 There are lots more water buffalo in the streets.  They just call them cows.
 These 2 guys are on a 'bike' pulling along a cycle.
 Everyone gets loaded down with something.
 This auto is fully loaded.
Crazy driving in the streets! This is a real rickshaw, not a motorized auto.

 Elder Smith, Higgins & Simson ride bicycles in Rajahmundry.
 Elder Alosias & Elder Cunha
 Elder N. Massey & Elder D. Hodgson at the Church.
 The guys at the English Class.
 These sisters are taking English classes, as well.
 Elder Sampara's younger brother is here with the primary children.
 It was Wednesday night and so many people were preparing for their Branch Party.
 The Young Men were practicing their play.
 Primary was preparing for their part in the Christmas Party.
 Young Women and their YW's leader
 Elder Wigg gets his picture taken with our friend Suneel.
Suneel is now home from his mission.  It was good to see him and have a visit.
The Primary Children were practicing their song and dance for the Branch Christmas Party.
 They were so cute and fun to watch.
 Brother Injeti and his family
The Relief Society Sisters had a little help from the brethren for their play.
 Elder & Sister Allison went out to dinner with us after their English Class.
 We enjoyed being out together.  You can wear your name tags all the time in Rajahmundry.
This is Raju, the Auto driver. He had dinner with us, as well.
 This is the Hotel Restaurant where we ate out.
 The night view of Rajahmundry.
 There are many shops offering stars for sale.
If you're a Christian, most people put a star out front of their house, or in their window.  This makes it easier for the missionaries to find people who might be interested in a gospel message about Christ.

This was day 1 visiting Rajahmundry.

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