Sunday, January 20, 2013

More Amazing Rajahmundry!

We spent more time driving around Rajahmundry.
At the Park:
 Basketball was happening.
 I thought this was a funny sign, as you can see, all the bikes are parked beyond this point!
 We have badminton.
 and volleyball
 We just walked around the park.
 And, of course, there's always cricket.
 We were invited for lunch at Raju's house.
He made chapatis with white rice and super hot curry.  We liked it, but it may have been the spiciest yet on our mission.  Raju is a good cook.
 Elder Wigg read with Raju's daughter.
 'Auto' Raju eating his lunch.
 Eating lunch with Raju, his daughter and the Allison's.

 This is the view from the terrace.
 Raju's with his wife and daughter.  His son is at school.

 Here we are with Raju and his family.
 And now with the Allison's
 Raju and his father
 Raju's father sharpening a large saw blade.
 the sawmill where his father works
 This guy is helping to run the large saw blade.
 This photo and below show the large saw with a tree trunk moving through.

 The wood cutting takes place here.
 This lady was washing her clothes in the river.
 Life along the river bank.

 The local cat
 Rows of laundry drying in the breeze.
 This fellow consented to me taking his photo.  He actually smiled when I showed it to him.

 The children are so cute!
These were just a couple neighbourhood boys.

Some local girls wanted their picture taken.
 We drove along a street where there were many nurseries located. Beautiful flowers!

 Poinsettia, growing 
 a roadside stand selling garlands


 I think this is also a Plumeria, though I'm not sure.
 Now that's a load of rice straw!
 miniature roses
 a bridge across the Godavari River
 The fish market

 ladies working at the fish market

 I think we've got ourselves a convoy!
 We had a little tour of the 'Arthur Cotton Museum'.
 It's a pretty area.
 This is the museum.

 Inside, Sir Arthur Cotton.
 He was a British Knight who came to India and built a whole water system of transport and irrigation. 

 We enjoyed the museum and the system of canals and irrigation that he developed.
 Little Egrets and Indian Pond Herons
 I'm not sure, but these look like they're bigger, perhaps Intermediate Egrets.
 There are always interesting things on the Godavari River.

 How does this guy balance with this full load of pots?
 Banana tree plantation
 On the bridge crossing the Godavari River.
 I don't know, does this look like fun to you, or dangerous?
 I think the rice fields are harvested about twice a year, and thus, so much rice straw!
 We stopped for a look at the river.
 The water was low, pretty still and clear.
 These next few are my favourites.

 I love to see the reflections.
 This is the bridge we were on a few minutes ago.

 I think this is sugarcane.
 A truck loaded with sugarcane and an auto full of styrofoam.
 Downtown Rajahmundry
So many vehicles: car, bus, bike, cycle, rickshaw.  Always busy traffic, but less cars in RJA.

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