Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dowleswaram Christmas Party

We attended 2 Christmas Parties in Rajahmundry.
This was Dowleswaram Branch.
 Of course, Santa came for a visit.

 Brother Gali was one of the early members in Rajahmundry.

 The choir sang and it was great.
 The ladies in the front are wearing half saris.
 There were some scriptures read and a couple talks given about the birth of Christ.
 These are our 4 Elders serving in Dowleswaram: Elder Pehrson, Elder Singh, Elder Erupula & Elder Kocherla.
 The District President spoke.
 Elder Singh & Elder Erupula
 Elder Pehrson & Elder Kocherla
 Elder Kocherla getting into his role in the play.

 The 3 guys on the left are the judges.
 Different people performed as in the TV competitions back home.

 It was funny because at the end of the play, the winner was the announcer, not the performers.

 The Primary children performed.
 And the Young Women did a dance.
 Elder Wigg with our friend from the Mission, Suneel.
 The Relief Society also played a part.

Elder Wigg, Elder & Sister Allison, ?

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