Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elders in the Office

When it's interview day, President Funk has all the Elders in the Bangalore Zone come into the office for their interviews.

Today I took advantage and asked for a photo.

 Setting up, just waiting for a couple stragglers!
 back: Elder Coombs, Elder Christensen, Elder Randall, Elder Katuka, Elder Kottangi, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg
front: Elder Morrill, Elder Vinck, Elder Pehrson, Elder Sarkies, Elder Ganaparam, Elder Srigiri
Photo taken by Vivian.  Thanks!

Today, Elder Morrill finished his registration so he can stay 3 months longer!!  Way to be legal, Elder!
Elder Coombs got registered in record time.  He just asked to take it straight to the top, to the boss, and it worked!
Now we just need Elder Pehrson to finish!

 Elder Kottangi, Elder Thanniru, Elder Yardley & Elder Ramaraj
Elder Ramaraj & Elder Thanniru

We love the Elders and enjoy serving them. Today each Elder got a piece of Banana Bread while waiting for his interview.

Be more Careful!

Everyone keeps telling me to 'be more careful'!

I try to always watch where I'm walking, just like hiking, watching every footfall. But sometimes, like Friday, I get distracted by something and don't look where I'm going.

This time, it proved to be a rough experience.  I rolled my ankle in a pothole in the street. Ouch!

 This doesn't look too bad yet, not too swollen as I've had ice on it for a few hours.
 But it is swelling and starting to discolour.
It was so painful at first, but it's starting to feel better.
 The next day, Saturday, we went for P-day lunch at Usha & Kumar's house.
 Usha and her mom cooked up quite a spread! Thanks Usha & Kumar!
There were 5 different kinds of rice, potato gravy and fried fish.  It was all super tasty!
 A couple days later you can see that there is quite a bit more bruising.
(Hey, where's my ankle bone?  It's in there somewhere.)
One friend of mine said, 'you always look good in that color!'
Thanks, Katherine!

What I've learned is 'be more careful'!
And I am so appreciative to our Heavenly Father who made our amazing bodies that can heal themselves of most injuries and illnesses.  To me, that's wonderful. Thank you!

What's up? So much!

In case you wanted to know...this is what's up...

Kabob's Baptism
 President Anthony baptized Kabob, Karthik's uncle.
 Here is Rohith, Karthik's brother, with their uncle and other family members.
 Elder Henrie, on the left, Jasmin, third from left, Elder P. Kumar, third from right, and Elder Sambaria, on the far right.

Whitefield Road Branch
Sisters outside in the courtyard after Church.
 Brothers arrive at Indiranagar Branch building for Church. 
Selvyn is in the middle and Deepu on the right.
 Whitefield Road Branch Council. I don't know them all, but most, I do.
 Sister Augustine & Sister Thomas, real sisters who have sons serving in our mission.
 4 different generations in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Indiranagar Branch
 Rohith and President Anthony counseling together.
 Terence is conducting the Branch Council Meeting.
 President Anthony is teaching now.
 Brother Terence is teaching. He's a councillor in the Branch Presidency.
 The Sisters in the branch council are enjoying themselves.
Indiranagar Branch Council meeting.

The Elders are Teaching
 Elder Pothula & Elder Ramaraj are teaching a 9 year old.  He was baptized the next week.
I especially love the 'pound'!
 Elder Ramaraj & Elder Pothula are ready and waiting outside the investigator's home.
 Elder Potula, Elder Wigg, Elder Ramaraj and the family's father waiting for others to arrive.
We were generously given samosas and juice to partake of while we wait.
 The family is gathered and the teaching can begin.
Teaching a lesson to this sweet family.

Monday, November 26, 2012

The Elders are happy!

The Elders are always happy to serve!
But changes always happen...
...Elder Racharla is finishing his mission and going home.

 Elder Worton is in town, so he's teamed up with Elder Racharla and the Assistants for the day...Elder Srigiri & Elder Vinck are on the right.
 Elder Worton & Elder Morrill get to hang out together.
 Elder Srigiri and Elder Racharla...working hard.
Elder Racharla is working, even on his last day.  That's impressive!

Now it's over to our apartment for dinner.
Look, it's Elder Vinck, popping fudge in his mouth.
 Elder Pehrson & Elder Vinck enjoying dinner.
 Elder Wigg is snitching fudge!

 Elder Pehrson & Elder Vinck
 We had the Elders over for Mexican food at the last minute one evening. It was fun.
 Elder Vinck & Elder Pehrson in the back, Elder Worton & Elder Srigiri in the front.

 The Elders always enjoy themselves.  They seem to love life and their service!

Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg, Elder Vinck, Elder Pehrson
Elder Worton, Elder Srigiri

We have so much fun with the Elders, it is wonderful!
 Elder George is our latest and greatest Elder to come to the IBM!
Elder Morrill & Elder George, new companions.
Finally, a photo of Elder Nepali.  He's serving with Elder Sharma in Hyderabad.

Go out there and work hard, Elders!  Let's break some records this next month!