Monday, November 26, 2012

YSA Dinner & 'Crackers'

There were 15 Young Single Adults who came over for dinner and to set off some "crackers" in celebration of Diwali.  The entire country of India loves their fireworks on Diwali, so we enjoy the opportunity to join in.

Before the majority of the YSA's arrived we set off a few things to entertain Jonathan, Jonas & Asha's  2 year old son.
 The boys with their toys; Jonas on the computer and Elder Wigg & Brother Uday sorting the 'crackers'.
 Jonathan is such a cutie.
 Asha helped with the clean up of the preparation dishes.
 Uday, Asha & Elder Wigg with some sparklers.

 Just light it and run.

One is in slippers, the other in socks.  What do people have against shoes?

 We moved the event inside to eat dinner.  The girls sat on the stairs.
 Terence, Rohith, Zach, Elder Wigg & Asha lining up to eat.
 We had Ghee Rice, Paneer Butter Chicken & veggies and Chicken Tikka, plus salad, Raita and Rotis.
Jennifer helped with a couple dishes. I'm definitely improving in my Indian cooking.  It was all good.
But I had a request for North American food next time so we'll see.
 After dinner we had to get the group photo before the rest of the fireworks.
back l to r: Arvind, ?, ?, Bhuvanesh, Terence, Richard, Rohith
middle: Jake, Zach, Uday, Jonas, Asha with Jonathan, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg
front: Mercy, Gracy, Camy, Jasmin, Jennifer

The adults fired off the rest of the fire crackers and I cleaned up and got the dessert ready.
They all came up to wash their hands and have brownies.  It was a fun evening.

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