Monday, November 26, 2012

The Elders are happy!

The Elders are always happy to serve!
But changes always happen...
...Elder Racharla is finishing his mission and going home.

 Elder Worton is in town, so he's teamed up with Elder Racharla and the Assistants for the day...Elder Srigiri & Elder Vinck are on the right.
 Elder Worton & Elder Morrill get to hang out together.
 Elder Srigiri and Elder Racharla...working hard.
Elder Racharla is working, even on his last day.  That's impressive!

Now it's over to our apartment for dinner.
Look, it's Elder Vinck, popping fudge in his mouth.
 Elder Pehrson & Elder Vinck enjoying dinner.
 Elder Wigg is snitching fudge!

 Elder Pehrson & Elder Vinck
 We had the Elders over for Mexican food at the last minute one evening. It was fun.
 Elder Vinck & Elder Pehrson in the back, Elder Worton & Elder Srigiri in the front.

 The Elders always enjoy themselves.  They seem to love life and their service!

Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg, Elder Vinck, Elder Pehrson
Elder Worton, Elder Srigiri

We have so much fun with the Elders, it is wonderful!
 Elder George is our latest and greatest Elder to come to the IBM!
Elder Morrill & Elder George, new companions.
Finally, a photo of Elder Nepali.  He's serving with Elder Sharma in Hyderabad.

Go out there and work hard, Elders!  Let's break some records this next month!

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