Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Be more Careful!

Everyone keeps telling me to 'be more careful'!

I try to always watch where I'm walking, just like hiking, watching every footfall. But sometimes, like Friday, I get distracted by something and don't look where I'm going.

This time, it proved to be a rough experience.  I rolled my ankle in a pothole in the street. Ouch!

 This doesn't look too bad yet, not too swollen as I've had ice on it for a few hours.
 But it is swelling and starting to discolour.
It was so painful at first, but it's starting to feel better.
 The next day, Saturday, we went for P-day lunch at Usha & Kumar's house.
 Usha and her mom cooked up quite a spread! Thanks Usha & Kumar!
There were 5 different kinds of rice, potato gravy and fried fish.  It was all super tasty!
 A couple days later you can see that there is quite a bit more bruising.
(Hey, where's my ankle bone?  It's in there somewhere.)
One friend of mine said, 'you always look good in that color!'
Thanks, Katherine!

What I've learned is 'be more careful'!
And I am so appreciative to our Heavenly Father who made our amazing bodies that can heal themselves of most injuries and illnesses.  To me, that's wonderful. Thank you!


  1. Ouch! I totally sympathize with your pain. And agree with your sentiments on appreciating our bodies and not taking them for granted. I don't know if I told you, but I tore my meniscus in June. Had to quit running. I did take up biking though. Did 11 miles a day instead of running 6. I miss my running though. I am seeing a sports med Dr. And I am on the waiting list for an MRI and also surgery. Ugh. So mad at myself for becoming so casual with my running. I tore it while attempting to run up a muddy hill just after a rain.

    Hope your ankle heals very quickly for you!

    1. Thank you for sharing that story with me. It's true that we can be injured at anytime and it's part of life. We still continue to learn and grow through it all.

      Take care of your knee and know that you will most likely run again sometime soon.

      Love ya, Gladys