Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Elders in the Office

When it's interview day, President Funk has all the Elders in the Bangalore Zone come into the office for their interviews.

Today I took advantage and asked for a photo.

 Setting up, just waiting for a couple stragglers!
 back: Elder Coombs, Elder Christensen, Elder Randall, Elder Katuka, Elder Kottangi, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg
front: Elder Morrill, Elder Vinck, Elder Pehrson, Elder Sarkies, Elder Ganaparam, Elder Srigiri
Photo taken by Vivian.  Thanks!

Today, Elder Morrill finished his registration so he can stay 3 months longer!!  Way to be legal, Elder!
Elder Coombs got registered in record time.  He just asked to take it straight to the top, to the boss, and it worked!
Now we just need Elder Pehrson to finish!

 Elder Kottangi, Elder Thanniru, Elder Yardley & Elder Ramaraj
Elder Ramaraj & Elder Thanniru

We love the Elders and enjoy serving them. Today each Elder got a piece of Banana Bread while waiting for his interview.

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