Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's up? So much!

In case you wanted to know...this is what's up...

Kabob's Baptism
 President Anthony baptized Kabob, Karthik's uncle.
 Here is Rohith, Karthik's brother, with their uncle and other family members.
 Elder Henrie, on the left, Jasmin, third from left, Elder P. Kumar, third from right, and Elder Sambaria, on the far right.

Whitefield Road Branch
Sisters outside in the courtyard after Church.
 Brothers arrive at Indiranagar Branch building for Church. 
Selvyn is in the middle and Deepu on the right.
 Whitefield Road Branch Council. I don't know them all, but most, I do.
 Sister Augustine & Sister Thomas, real sisters who have sons serving in our mission.
 4 different generations in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Indiranagar Branch
 Rohith and President Anthony counseling together.
 Terence is conducting the Branch Council Meeting.
 President Anthony is teaching now.
 Brother Terence is teaching. He's a councillor in the Branch Presidency.
 The Sisters in the branch council are enjoying themselves.
Indiranagar Branch Council meeting.

The Elders are Teaching
 Elder Pothula & Elder Ramaraj are teaching a 9 year old.  He was baptized the next week.
I especially love the 'pound'!
 Elder Ramaraj & Elder Pothula are ready and waiting outside the investigator's home.
 Elder Potula, Elder Wigg, Elder Ramaraj and the family's father waiting for others to arrive.
We were generously given samosas and juice to partake of while we wait.
 The family is gathered and the teaching can begin.
Teaching a lesson to this sweet family.

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