Sunday, November 18, 2012

Church in Chennai and after

When we were in Chennai, we looked at lots of apartments.  We needed an apartment for the new Senior couple that are coming next month.

We found an apartment, so that was good.
We also attended Church in Chennai 1st and 3rd Branches.
 Members arriving for meetings at the Church in Chennai.

 These young men and young women are part of 'Pathway', a foundation for less fortunate kids.

 Grandma and granddaughter
 Elder Higgins & Elder Lara.  Something was pretty funny, I'd guess.
 Meeting and greeting outside the chapel.
 Sister Rosalind is one of the first members in Chennai.
 This is Brother Joshua who was one of the first men to be baptized in Chennai.
 Here are the 2 newest ordained Elders in the Chennai 3rd Branch.
 Vetrivel is the only Indian I've ever seen that doesn't have black eyes.  
What color are they?  Carmel? Hazel? Green?  Not sure.
 Vetri has submitted his papers for his mission and is awaiting his call.
 Sweet little baby in the foyer after Church.
 Joe and his dad are posing in front of the building where the Missionary Training Center used to be in Chennai.
 The door handle into the old MTC.
 Joe's dad and Elder Wigg are enjoying a moment, it seems.
 We love seeing the beach and the Bay of Bengal.

 Gowda, our driver, Joe, our friend and guide in Chennai, and Elder Wigg.
 Headed home we saw this truck of oxen and cows.  It's so funny!