Saturday, November 17, 2012

Beautiful P-Day at Hebbal Lake

Elder Wigg and I spent a beautiful afternoon at Hebbal Lake.

 Before we actually left for the lake, we saw our noisy neighbour outside our window. Finding this crow is a little like 'find Waldo', but I like this shot.
 And another chattering friend is this Purple Sunbird, but his song is pretty.
 The view of the lake is clear on a sunny day like today.

 Cormorant taking off from the lake...
 ...then drying his wings in the sun.
 This colorful flower stands out among the greenery.
 This Indian Pond Heron had caught a frog or something in his mouth.
 At home we rake the cut grass, but here these ladies are sweeping the grass into piles.
 flowering Rain Tree
 Yes, the sun was warm and wonderful.
 If I remember correctly, this is a female Purple Sunbird. I like it's red eye.
 There were so many butterflies fluttering around.
 I got a couple photos of them, but there was a big blue Butterfly that eluded my capture.
 Just a couple old coots, like ourselves!
 This Little Egret is pretty and startlingly white.
 Basket boat fishermen are pulling in the fishing net.  We saw them catch a few fish.
 So, I saw this really cute guy walking along...I just had to take his picture.  
(He gave me a dirty look afterwards)
 Here is another basket boat with men fishing and you can see the long net in the water.
 This is my favourite shot of the day.  It's a 'White-browed Wagtail'.  
But I love the reflection in the water the best!
 It is a beautiful setting and there were many couples walking together, or just sitting and talking.
 We saw so many colourful flowers in the flower beds and on the trees.

 This building complex is nearby.  We saw it as we were leaving the park.
 These cows were waiting at first, then they just started walking out.  
The traffic slowed and parted for them to cross the street.  It's an amazing thing to see.

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