Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We ate at Woodstok the other night.  It was great!

Stuffed mushrooms with dip, salad and garlic bread - our starter.
We enjoy being out together.

Fish filet with veggies & mashed potatoes
Dad had bbq chicken with fries & veggies, all in gravy.
They offered us the chance to draw for a prize and we got a free Strawberry Mocktail.  It was smooth and creamy and delicious.
Apple pie and ice cream with custard on a sizzler pan, mmmm!
Now the music...
There was live music starting at 8 pm and they were great.
They were from Goa and their choice of music was perfect for my tastes! (Michael Buble, Rascal Flats)
We had a great meal, great entertainment and wonderful company in each other.
You can't get it much better.

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  1. Mmmmm! That food looks SO good! I'm heading to the kitchen now. Must find something just as great. ; )