Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Just keep Learning

Life is an Adventure!

Whether we like it or not, we just keep learning and growing!

The Lord has a way of stretching our abilities and boundaries until we grow into our responsibilities and meet His requirements for us.  

That's kind of how it is for us in the India Bangalore Mission (IBM) Office.  Everyday there is something new to do and this old brain of mine has to ask "Now, have I done this before?" 
or "Where do I find the checklist for that packet of documents?"

It's fun and challenging.  Well, that's the best way to look at it.
Sometimes I say, "This is beyond me!"
But it's not beyond my abilities to keep learning, so I just dig in and get at it!

I always admire our good friend Mel, in Spokane, when he says, as he often does, 
"Life is always an adventure!"
I think that is the best way to approach everyday and I try to do that.  Look for the good.

Like this crow, for example...
One Elder says "I hate crows, they're so loud and annoying."
But I say "Have a closer look.  This House Crow has many beautiful colours that one may not see without close inspection.  And hey, they eat rats, so that's a good thing, right?"

Some people probably think that we are loud and annoying, but we all have our purpose.

I'm going to close this blog today with a quote from Elder Dallin H. Oaks:

"When we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we must have trust in Him. We must trust Him enough that we are content to accept His will, knowing that He knows what is best for us..."

So always "Lift up your head and be of good cheer..."

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life as it Happens

After our shopping trip to the market each week, we give our fresh produce a bleach water bath and then a rinse in clean filtered water.  Here is what our fruit and veggies look like after their bath as they air dry.  
They're pretty, aren't they?

They have great produce here, and it's cheap!

I noticed that the large tree outside our apartment window is in full bloom. Gorgeous!
This shot was taken directly out the bedroom window.

Then I noticed the little birds hopping around in the top of the tree!

So, naturally, I thought I would go to my "Birds of India" book and identify them after I had taken the photos of them.  I have now identified this little bird.  It is a Common Tailorbird.

It's so cool!  I love seeing new birds and even though it may be common here, I've never seen one before today!

Anyway, I continue to be interested in life around me, especially the wildlife and birds.

Then today in Bangalore 1st Branch there was a baptism as you can see by the following photos.
Welcome to Joseph, the newest baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Bangalore 1st Branch!



The sister who is standing with her family on the far right, was serving her mission in Coimbatore in 2004 and taught the sister who is with her family on the left of the picture.  This new baptized sister then married the lady missionary's brother.  Joseph is the brother to the lady on the left. 

So today we see the fruits of one missionary's efforts 9 years ago.  She was able to see the brother of her brother's wife join the Church!  Ya got that?

Yes, I know, I had to really think about that one, too.  But isn't it fun to see the joy being found here?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Friday

We had a really fun Friday this week.  Firstly, we received four fabulous Philippines Visas for four fantastic missionaries.  I was very excited for these visas to arrive just in the nick of time.  These 4 missionaries come into the mission office on Thursday this week to be set apart and go on their missions.  

One Sister stays on her mission in the Philippines after she attends 3 weeks at the MTC there in Manila and the 3 Elders come back here to serve in the India Bangalore Mission after their training at the MTC.

Sateesh took Elder Wigg to the bank to do the banking.  That looks like a real riot for Elder Wigg!

 Elder Wigg is posing for you in the driver's seat!

 But even just posing for the camera, he looks pretty cute, doesn't he?

 When it was time to go, Sateesh took over on the front of the bike!

Elder Wigg and I went out to dinner for a Fun Friday date night.  We went to "Italia" and had a fabulous feast of Greek salad and pasta.  Elder Wigg ate spaghetti in a red relatively spicy sauce and I had the Broccoli and Mushroom Penne in a creamy Rose sauce.  This restaurant is 'pure veg' which means it serves no meat of any kind.  It is different without meat but still decidedly delicious!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

6 For Lunch

It was wonderful to have 3 Missionaries and one Prospective Elder over for lunch on Sunday after Church.  

It was particularly great because it was a very special day for Mike.  He was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints today and he was confirmed and blessed by the Branch President.  

Then during Priesthood Meeting he was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood!

He said it was also his first time eating North American food so it is a day that he will always remember!
That's pretty cool.  And he liked the Chili, Chicken Fried Rice, homemade bread and fruit.  Then we had ice cream and peanut butter cookies for dessert.  Mmm!

Here we have Elder Kant, Elder Nakkapalli, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg, Elder Ardhila and Mike.

Return to Lalbagh

On Saturday we decided to go back to see what more we could see at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.  
Wow!  We saw so many new things including many new birds and many beautiful flowers.

Japanese Gardens

The plant colours were vibrant.

You could see the domes of the city from the park.


What kind of bee is this? 

This is a giant bees nest.  
The bees appeared to be hanging onto something, though we couldn't tell what.


This is a "where's waldo" kind of picture.

Can you find the two birds called "Oriental White-eye"?

This is a "Red-whiskered Bulbul".

Hidden in the branches is an "Ashy Drongo".

This bird hanging upside down is a female "Purple Sunbird".

This little guy on the right is called "White-cheeked Barbet".  

Isn't he pretty?  
Can you see the whiskers on that fella?

 Common Myna
 Little Egret
 This Cormorant has caught a fish.
Great Cormorants
 This "Indian Pond Heron" doesn't look like he would have startlingly white wings, does he?  
But it is a real surprise when you see him take off!

 This is a Black Kite, so why isn't he black?
 Grey Wagtail
 Grey Heron
 Bar-headed Goose
 Spot-billed Pelican
Still one of my favourites, the Purple Swamphen.


People at work

 These fishermen have a whole bag of fish.
This man is working hard arranging the rocks on the bank of the lake.

Monkeying Around

 There is a whole family of monkeys that live at the Park.

 This young guy was running up the tree.
 This monkey came running toward a couple who gave him a bag of chips.
 He knew exactly how to open the bag of chips.
 And he started eating them.  
Actually, it looks like he is a little chubby and might have had a few too many bags of chips, 
don't you think?

Elder & Sister Wigg


We didn't even see the Rose Garden last time we were here!

The Park

There is a giant clock in the center of this part of Lalbagh and it was surrounded with little Disney dwarf characters.  It was pretty funny.

And the clock had the correct time!  

(That's an inside joke, as the Indians roll their rr's and it sounds so cute when they say it!)

The Park is so beautiful everywhere you look.

We love our work in the office, but it's such fun to get out of the office and see some of the local sights.
Elder Wigg has made a friend, as he seems to do everywhere we go.  He is just good with people, as he likes them, and they seem to know it.