Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Groundbreaking News

What a wonderful day!  It was the ground breaking for the new Service Center and Mission Home/Office.

 We also participated in the groundbreaking.
From left to right: Sunil, Prem, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg, President Funk, Rebecca, Jonas, Judy, Sundar

 The soil here is very hard and difficult to turn over.  It was pretty funny.
 They provided a light refreshment.
 Proposed Service Center.  The Mission Home will be on the top floor with the roof available as gardens for entertaining. Each floor is 4000 square feet, so that's quite large.
 This Stake Center sized meetinghouse is underway, begun a year ago.
 Do we look like missionaries or construction workers?
President and Sister Funk posing with Elder and Sister Wigg in front of the construction plans.
 This is inside the Chapel looking towards the front of the room.
 This is the adjoining building where the classrooms will be located.
 This little toad is included for the grandchildren to see.  He was just hanging out in the future baptismal font.  I guess he wants to be the first member in his branch.
 The work continued through our tour.  The whole building is made of cement and cinder blocks.
 They frame the rebar and pour in the cement to make the pillars.  Even the roof is cement. Pretty amazing to see the construction here.  The buildings are cool, strong and quiet.
These are the current Service Center guys.  They work just one floor up from Elder Wigg and myself.  They are a great group of people who just never stop smiling!
From left to right: Jonas, Vivian, Stephen, Sundar, Sateesh, Prem. 


  1. WOW. Those proposed plans of the buildings are gorgeous.
    I was stunned to read that the roof will even be cement. Won't that make it a pretty heavy roof? But I guess they don't have to worry about a roof heavy ladened with snow now do they. ; D

    This was such a fun post. You two missionaries are sure doing a lot over there. Great to see everybody's smiles.

  2. The people here just never stop smiling. It is great to see how happy they are.