Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quite An Adventure

 This is the view from the Metro that was just opened about 2 weeks ago. There is another branch of it still under construction.  It will save a lot of time and road traffic when it is completed.

 Elder Wigg and Zack, a 1st Branch member, riding the Metro.

 From the bus, you get another perspective.  The sights are always interesting to me.
Elder Katuka and Zack riding the regular bus.
 This is the garden out the back of Elder Katuka's friend's home.
 The view of the community where they live is great, so beautiful.
 We are gathered together to see the view on the top floor.
 The house next door also belongs to them but it is still under construction.
 The living room is cute and comfy.
 Leela works hard in the cute little kitchen.
 There is great air flow in the 3rd floor where their living space is.
 Leela taught me how to make the tortilla style bread called poori.
After rolling it out and frying it dry in the pan, she placed it over the propane flame and flipped it over a couple times till it looked done.  So amazing to watch!

 We ate with our hand, as do all Indians.
Elder Westwood, Zack, Elder Katuka, Auntie Leela, Uncle Vijay, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg
 Elder Katuka with his Auntie Leela and Uncle Vijay.

 Leela took me on the back of her scooter to and from the bus stop.  It was an amazing ride and she was so kind to me, going slowly over the speed bumps and potholes.  I just couldn't believe that I was actually here, in India, riding down the street on the back of a scooter!


  1. Pictures sure do say a THOUSAND Words, don't they.

    LOVE to see you riding on the scooter too. And right there in India. Wow.

    I bet you will make some amazing Indian food when you come back home. What will your Indian neighbors think of your skills. : D

    I am really enjoying your blog. Great piece of history/journalizing you've got going on.

  2. Thanks so much, Lynn. I love to photojournal! To me it's the best way to communicate over distance.

  3. Love to read your blog!! What an Experience you two are having!

  4. Gerri, you're totally right there. It is such an adventure. Everyone ought to go on a Senior Couples Mission. It is enlightening and gives you a new perspective. I must say that we love it, and I think that is a direct blessing from the Lord. Still, we pray to be safe and healthy every day. And we pray more and more for the missionaries and the people of India, for their hearts to be soft and prepared for the Gospel. We can actually see the Gospel going forth in a miraculous way!