Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life as it Happens

After our shopping trip to the market each week, we give our fresh produce a bleach water bath and then a rinse in clean filtered water.  Here is what our fruit and veggies look like after their bath as they air dry.  
They're pretty, aren't they?

They have great produce here, and it's cheap!

I noticed that the large tree outside our apartment window is in full bloom. Gorgeous!
This shot was taken directly out the bedroom window.

Then I noticed the little birds hopping around in the top of the tree!

So, naturally, I thought I would go to my "Birds of India" book and identify them after I had taken the photos of them.  I have now identified this little bird.  It is a Common Tailorbird.

It's so cool!  I love seeing new birds and even though it may be common here, I've never seen one before today!

Anyway, I continue to be interested in life around me, especially the wildlife and birds.

Then today in Bangalore 1st Branch there was a baptism as you can see by the following photos.
Welcome to Joseph, the newest baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Bangalore 1st Branch!



The sister who is standing with her family on the far right, was serving her mission in Coimbatore in 2004 and taught the sister who is with her family on the left of the picture.  This new baptized sister then married the lady missionary's brother.  Joseph is the brother to the lady on the left. 

So today we see the fruits of one missionary's efforts 9 years ago.  She was able to see the brother of her brother's wife join the Church!  Ya got that?

Yes, I know, I had to really think about that one, too.  But isn't it fun to see the joy being found here?

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  1. I love the vegetable picture! We are getting used to Wear The Apron! Bleach spots are not pretty and do not come out. Wonderful adventures you 2. much love.