Friday, November 18, 2011

1 Month Already!

Time has flown by and we have been in Bangalore for a month already!  It seems like we just arrived and yet so many things here seem very familiar now.

Wait a minute!  This picture shows the arrival of the new Senior Missionary Couple to Bangalore, India.  
It seemed like Christmas to President and Sister Funk.  They were so excited to have us come and got to get up early and go collect their gifts at the airport!  We were the gifts!

 Do we look like we've been up for 35 hours?
 Sister and Elder Wigg with the Assistants, Elder Pimsakul and Elder Ardhila. (They're the BEST Assistants ever!)
Sister Wigg with some children from Bangalore 1st Branch.  This Sunday is the Primary Children's Sacrament Meeting Presentation and I can't wait.  They have been practicing so hard and they're ready.

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