Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just Living

This is the front of our house where we live in a large 3rd floor apartment.

Here is our lovely quiet street where we walk every day to the Mission Office and to Church, each located just a 10 minute walk away.
One Saturday, we decided to eat out lunch at an Italian Restaurant called the Spaghetti Kitchen.  It was so delicious to eat Salad and Pasta!  The little bread sticks were the "stickiest" that I have ever seen. Can you see them in the glass in the center of the table?
Just walking the streets of Bangalore.  I love the trees here! They are so massive and provide great shade.

This is a picture of the Church where Bangalore 1st Branch meets.  If you look close you can see Elder Wigg just approaching the greeter outside the chapel.  The classrooms are upstairs and there is a courtyard to the right that has an entrance to the Relief Society room.  This is the first Church building to be built in Bangalore.
Cameron has turned 8 and she is the newest baptized member in the Bangalore 1st Branch. She is wearing the turquoise and pink.  What an amazing family!

The Metro is being built in Bangalore.  This section was opened 2 weeks ago and we have ridden on it a couple times.  It is a cool, smooth ride between only a few neighbourhoods, at the moment, but there are other legs of the Metro being built.  It will greatly ease the congestion on the roads during rush hours.

Sister Wigg, experiencing life at the Mission Office as Mission Secretary.  I spend lots of time at this desk.  It's very comfortable and fun to work with the people that I work with.  There are 2 Assistants to the President that also work in the office, besides doing some Missionary work.
 I have learned so much!  My most challenging task is getting all the documentation ready for the local Indian Elders to get their Philippines Visa to go to the MTC in Manila, Philippines.  The other hard thing will be getting the 8 American Elders registered within 2 weeks of arriving in February and another 8 in March!
Elder Wigg has his own office as the Finance Secretary.  He gets to give the Elders their semi-monthly deposits and rent apartments for new Missionaries.  We had 6 new Elders arrive this week and one Elder go home.  It has been a busy week with transfers happening and then training & orientation.

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