Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cubbon Park

We enjoyed our Saturday P-day outing to Cubbon Park.  We took the Metro from the Andiranagar station near our apartment and walked about 1 km after to get to the park.  It is always a challenge to cross the street safely but we have managed so far.  Pedestrians do not have the right of way so you just have to wait for a break in the traffic and start walking out, going around anybody that is coming.  They honk their horn just to say, "I'm here and I'm coming through!"  Traffic is so crazy here.

 I'm not sure if this is bamboo, but it makes an interesting photo.
It seems strange to see cows wandering at random around the parks and streets. 
 There are lots of varieties of butterflies here.
 This looks like a flicker, but can't find it in my bird book. It could be a Grey-streaked Sunbird?
 Cubbon Park is beautiful.
 There is beauty all around.

Court House of Karnataka (that's the state). 

 A large gazebo graced the center of the park.
 Denver said he thought Dad looked more relaxed and happy than he's ever seen him.  I thought that was very nice to hear.  Thank you, Denver.

 There area always stray dogs around.  It's pretty funny to see.

These 2 little girls couldn't speak any English, but they wanted their picture taken, so I obliged. 
 This is one gigantic bees nest.
I totally love the Ring-necked Parakeet (another name for it is Rose-ringed Parakeet) 
So many times we think there is a bird moving in the trees and it's only a chipmunk.  They are everywhere!  There are also tons of crows here.


  1. Hi! I am loving the pictures and details that you take.

    P.S. Can we get your MAILING address here on your blog? Colby especially asked for it. He wants to send you a letter. Thanks!

  2. Yes, you can mail to the:
    India Bangalore Mission
    Anjali Plaza 2nd Floor,
    493 C.M.H. Road, Indiranagar,
    Bangalore 560 038