Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trip to Maharajah Palace

 We began the day early at the office.  This is a view of the country once outside of Bangalore.
 The cocoanut palms are beautiful and the sugar cane is ripening, I believe.
 All along the way there are interesting things to see. This is a local temple along the roadside.
 We have arrived in Mysore at the Maharajah Palace (King's Palace) after 4 hours in the bus.
 It cost 20 rupees for an Indian (about $.50) and 10 times more for a foreigner (that's us).
 It is so beautiful inside the grounds.

 This is the group of 12 of us that went on this trip.  Some of the Elders didn't get the memo about the required standard Missionary attire and showed up in tee shirts!

 Maharajah Palace in Mysore, Karnataka, India

 There were camel rides and elephant rides.  We just watched today.

 The children are so beautiful and the ladies dress up in their pretty saris every day.

 Here are a couple different views of the Maharajah Palace as seen through a photographer's eye.

 We managed to depart with the same Elders that we arrived with!  Lucky!
 A local papaya salesmen.
 A local salesman giving Elder Wigg a head massage.
 Sidewalk shops sell anything and everything.
 Some views on the way home.
 The countryside was so beautiful and interesting for us to see.

 Quite often you will see ox carts being driven laden with many different kinds of products.
 Elder Nakkapalli with a sleepy Elder Challa.
 Elder Challa wants to be a photographer after his mission.
 The sky was so beautiful after the rain.
 Elder Pimsakul
 12 of us in a 12 seater van spent a 13 hour day away and about 8 hours were in the van.
Elder Badireddy 
 Elder Westwood
 Elder Teki
Sister Wigg after a long and fun day, arriving back to the office about 8:30 pm.

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