Friday, November 25, 2011

Fun Friday

We had a really fun Friday this week.  Firstly, we received four fabulous Philippines Visas for four fantastic missionaries.  I was very excited for these visas to arrive just in the nick of time.  These 4 missionaries come into the mission office on Thursday this week to be set apart and go on their missions.  

One Sister stays on her mission in the Philippines after she attends 3 weeks at the MTC there in Manila and the 3 Elders come back here to serve in the India Bangalore Mission after their training at the MTC.

Sateesh took Elder Wigg to the bank to do the banking.  That looks like a real riot for Elder Wigg!

 Elder Wigg is posing for you in the driver's seat!

 But even just posing for the camera, he looks pretty cute, doesn't he?

 When it was time to go, Sateesh took over on the front of the bike!

Elder Wigg and I went out to dinner for a Fun Friday date night.  We went to "Italia" and had a fabulous feast of Greek salad and pasta.  Elder Wigg ate spaghetti in a red relatively spicy sauce and I had the Broccoli and Mushroom Penne in a creamy Rose sauce.  This restaurant is 'pure veg' which means it serves no meat of any kind.  It is different without meat but still decidedly delicious!


  1. Did Dad have a helmet to wear? It is cute to see him on the back of that bike. Makes going to the bank an adventure!

  2. Dad didn't have a helmet to wear. He just sat back and held on. The bikes here are mostly small, similar to dirt bikes back home, about 125 to 250 cc's. But you're right, it gives Dad a thrill to go do the banking!