Sunday, November 20, 2011

Return to Lalbagh

On Saturday we decided to go back to see what more we could see at Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.  
Wow!  We saw so many new things including many new birds and many beautiful flowers.

Japanese Gardens

The plant colours were vibrant.

You could see the domes of the city from the park.


What kind of bee is this? 

This is a giant bees nest.  
The bees appeared to be hanging onto something, though we couldn't tell what.


This is a "where's waldo" kind of picture.

Can you find the two birds called "Oriental White-eye"?

This is a "Red-whiskered Bulbul".

Hidden in the branches is an "Ashy Drongo".

This bird hanging upside down is a female "Purple Sunbird".

This little guy on the right is called "White-cheeked Barbet".  

Isn't he pretty?  
Can you see the whiskers on that fella?

 Common Myna
 Little Egret
 This Cormorant has caught a fish.
Great Cormorants
 This "Indian Pond Heron" doesn't look like he would have startlingly white wings, does he?  
But it is a real surprise when you see him take off!

 This is a Black Kite, so why isn't he black?
 Grey Wagtail
 Grey Heron
 Bar-headed Goose
 Spot-billed Pelican
Still one of my favourites, the Purple Swamphen.


People at work

 These fishermen have a whole bag of fish.
This man is working hard arranging the rocks on the bank of the lake.

Monkeying Around

 There is a whole family of monkeys that live at the Park.

 This young guy was running up the tree.
 This monkey came running toward a couple who gave him a bag of chips.
 He knew exactly how to open the bag of chips.
 And he started eating them.  
Actually, it looks like he is a little chubby and might have had a few too many bags of chips, 
don't you think?

Elder & Sister Wigg


We didn't even see the Rose Garden last time we were here!

The Park

There is a giant clock in the center of this part of Lalbagh and it was surrounded with little Disney dwarf characters.  It was pretty funny.

And the clock had the correct time!  

(That's an inside joke, as the Indians roll their rr's and it sounds so cute when they say it!)

The Park is so beautiful everywhere you look.

We love our work in the office, but it's such fun to get out of the office and see some of the local sights.
Elder Wigg has made a friend, as he seems to do everywhere we go.  He is just good with people, as he likes them, and they seem to know it.


  1. Hello Wiggs! We're on your blog and absolutely love your pictures. What a beautiful, beautiful mission, and we can see you are having wonderful moments already. Please stay in touch - and we'll compare the adventures. much love to you, Heids

  2. So how come Elder Wigg was put into the section right next to the chubby monkey? Love the bird pix. I saw 2 yellow parakeets (or small parrots) chase each other through the temple grounds the other morning. There seems to be an amazing variety in your mission. Gorgeous pictures, and we are pleased that you look healthy and happy.

  3. Oh, you make us laugh! Thanks for that. I love those little endorphins flying around inside me! So good to hear from you and enjoy your comments. Take care and let's keep in touch.