Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recent Bits 'n Pieces

Here are a few photos that I've taken lately of recent events.

These Elders were in town for Zone Leader Council and we got together at a local restaurant for some Indian food at Indian Barbecue.
Elder Lara & Elder Dass are serving in Chennai.  Elder Racharla & Elder Ram are serving in Coimbatore right now.

 The Assistants: Elder Vinck & Elder Srigiri.  We call them 'the long and the short of it'.
Notice Elder Srigiri is standing on his tippi-toes! It's okay, Elder, you're just the right size for you!

We went Christmas shopping at Orion Mall, supposedly the largest mall in India.

 It was beautiful and we had a good time.

 Next we went to Phoenix Mall and saw some live entertainment warming up.
 The evening was perfect and the sky a rosy color as the sun set.
We ate dinner at 'Chili's' in the mall, which was fun.

Short Hair!
 I went to a hair salon called 'Bounce'.  
The fellow that cut my hair was named 'Prakash' from Sri Lanka.  He was very good.
 Prakash is a stylist and did a great job on my hair.  He has a diploma and has been cutting hair for 9 years. He thinned it, as well as cut it, so that was one difference. It is my best cut since coming to India.


  1. Very nice hair cut! So chic.

  2. Thank you, Lynn. You are so kind. I always love your comments.