Monday, November 5, 2012

1 Holiday; Pooja

There were so many holidays in a row in October.  

We know that this holiday, Pooja, the owners of a new vehicle decorate it and bless it.

 This street vendor is looking beautifully decorated.
 This looks like a nice new van.
 This Scooty is looking pretty with a few flowers.
 So many flowers and leaves create an ornate display.
 This Auto is decorated with banana leaves.
 This house was super decorated. I don't know if it's new.
This is our landlord's van.
 Our Auto driver, Baskar, decorated his auto today.  I don't think it's new, though.
 Elder Wigg with Baskar
Elder Wigg and I are going shopping on Saturday afternoon.  
But, no, this isn't our new auto, as someone asked me earlier today when they saw this photo!!

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