Monday, November 5, 2012

Visiting Teaching

I went Visiting Teaching with my companion at noon on Saturday.

 Our regular Auto driver, Baskar, came and picked me up then we picked up my companion.  He knows where all the sisters live that I visit so it makes it easy. We spend about 3 hours VTing.
 This is Usha, my companion.
 This is Riah.  She is 4 months old, the granddaughter of our first sister.
 This is Sister Gnanamani with Riah.
 There are 3 generations living in the Gnanamani household.

 Brother Gnanamani helped by taking the picture.
 This is their son, Pinto, and his family.
 Next we visited Pauline.  She is having a rough time with her health.
 Sister Pauline was newly baptized this year but can't come to church much due to her poor health.
Our 3rd visit was to Sister Rajeshwari at her hair cutting parlour.
She has cut my hair twice now.

We had really good visits with each Sister and enjoyed being out together. We are trying to set the example in Visiting Teaching so that more sisters will go.

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