Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy New Year's Lunch

We were invited to have lunch on New Year's Day with Jonas & Asha!
Thanks so much for a fun time and a great lunch!

It was so much fun!
 Our friend Jonas
 And our friend Asha
 They also fed the Missionaries...there were 12 for lunch!
 Jonas, Asha & Nirmala, enjoying the great meal.
Elder Vaiphei, Elder Aruldoss, Elder Sarkies, Elder Kothangi - wonderful Elders!
It was Asha's mother's birthday, so we had cake. 
Jonathan blew out the candle! 
 Elder Wigg got his hands on a cricket ball and started to bowl to the kids.
 I think he had fun.
 What grace, what style!
And it's good exercise, too!
This young man was just playing cricket outside his house and Elder Wigg got to bowl to him.

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