Sunday, January 20, 2013

RJA 2nd Branch Christmas Party

The second Christmas party that we attended was Rajahmundry 2nd Branch.
The Branch Choir sang

I think this is the local Priesthood leaders.
Elder Wigg spoke on the Birth of Christ.
 These 2 YSA's were the MCs.
 The Nativity Play was narrated and acted out.

Mary was visited by the angel.     This is Mary and Joseph.
 These are the shepherds.
 There is no room in the Inn.
 The angel tells the Shepherds to go find the babe.
 The wise men are also searching for the Newborn King.
 They are led to the stable by the star.
Sudhakar & Elder Wigg are watching intently.
 They all come to worship the Christ Child.
 Young Adult choir, I think.
The Missionaries also had some contribution to the evening.
Raju helped out, next is Elder Cunha, Elder N. Massey, Elder Alosias, Elder D. Hodgson.
 They are trying to decide what they shall do to entertain us.
I don't think they like Elder Massey's suggestion.
Okay, just go ahead and sing....!
 And they did. It was a nice Christmas song!!
Santa came.
The Primary Children performed what they had practiced.
There was a typical Family Home Evening reenacted.
And the Young Single Adult girls performed.
"Hark now hear the angels sing, a new child born today...
...and man will live forevermore because of Christmas day."
They sang and danced to "Mary's boy child". It was really good!
 Relief Society did their part.
 And the Primary was on stage again.
 There was another play about family life.  Raju got conscripted for it.
 I think they had a fun time doing it.

 Brother Satish's parents
 There was another skit about missionary work.
 Brother Beeraka will soon be Elder Beeraka.
 They look like they enjoyed the evening, even though it was really late.
 What a sweetheart!
District President and his family.

 Raju's family
Elder & Sister Wigg with Raju and his family.

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