Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

 Elder Wigg with Baskar, our auto rickshaw driver, at the Park entrance.
 Beautiful foliage!
 The Glass House has flower shows here twice a year.
 Preparation day activity required jeans, a bit of a relief from a skirt.
 School kids on an activity, even on Saturday.
 Topiary Gardens, very lovely.
 A massive tree, only 200 years old.

Pretty Rose-ringed Parakeet. Yes, I still love birds and I have an Indian Bird Book now so that I can identify them!

This is the female Rose-ringed Parakeet; it looks a little different.  She has a shorter tail and less facial markings, but still beautiful and quite common in India.
 Wild monkeys fighting in the park.
 This is a Purple Swamphen. It is similar to Florida's Purple Gallinule.
                                                  Elder Wigg, lookin' good!
 Baskar thought this is an eagle, and it could be a Steppe Eagle. Isn't he pretty!
Actually, I have learned this is a Black Kite.


  1. I believe the parrot is in fact a ring neck parakeet.

  2. Love all the details of the country you are capturing. Very interesting.

    Question....or rather observation...

    I see you don't wear your name tags on P-Day. Must be different requirements for Senior Missionaries, eh? Colby says he has to wear his even on P-Day.

  3. What do they have you doing when you're not out adventuring on p-Day or posing for pictures? ( Not that both of those don't look like a good time.)

    Are you in the office? Inspectors of missionary digs? Galavanting with the swells of Indian Society? Attending Charity Balls? Cleaning bathrooms? Designing sidewalk paintings? Enquiring minds want to know. K.

  4. We are not allowed to wear our name tags while in the city of Bangalore. There is a political restriction. we only wear them while in the office or at church.

    When we are not sightseeing on P-day we are shopping for food, cleaning up our apartment, cooking prior to the Sabbath. There are many more things that they have planned for us to do. Inspecting the Elders apartments is one thing we will do. But, sorry, no charity balls!