Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exciting events

We know the Lord sometimes micro-manages our lives.  

We ate dinner with a couple, Elder & Sister Wilkins who, when they found out we were going to India, said that we must meet someone they knew from India.  After the Devotional in the evening Sister Wilkins introduced us to this dear Sister in the gospel.  Her name is Swarupa Katuka and she is from Delhi.  But the amazing thing is that her son is serving his mission in Bangalore and he is in the mission office at the moment.  We will be taking his place when we get to Bangalore!  Interesting!
It was great to visit with her and get to know her and a little more about India. An hour later she was off to the airport to fly to New York and back home to Delhi.  The other sister in the photo is Sister Dunn who served a Humanitarian Mission in India recently and knew Sister Katuka there.

Each day we are learning the Gospel better and how to teach it better. 
It's excellent training.

Our "Preach My Gospel" team. (Or 252nd Branch)
left - Elder & Sister Heid, Fallbrook, California, are going to Ghana, Perpetual Education Fund Mission
Elder & Sister Sheffer from Orem are going to California Fresno doing Member & Leader Support
Jordan Harmer, our teacher (used to be from San Diego)
Elder & Sister Wigg from Calgary are going to India Bangalore as Office Specialists (that's us!)
Elder & Sister Hirschi, Brigham City, Utah, are going to New Zealand Wellington, Member & Leader Support

Sister Reese was one of our teachers.  She's a real sweet girl.  (See the halo?)

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  1. What a cool "coincidence"! Thanks for sharing. Love the updates.