Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Traveling to Jaipur

We have left the India Bangalore Mission and we are headed to Jaipur.
We are taking a couple days to see parts of India that are out of our mission area before we head home to Canada.
 Everywhere in India you will see families on a bike.
 Here is a goat herd being driven by a goatherd. 
 I love the red turban on this shepherd.
 This fellow is herding both sheep and goats.  He carries a long stick to keep the flock in order.
 The fields were golden with canola.
 These poles are used to prop up the roof during construction.
 We stopped at a roadside rest station to get gas and a snack.  There was a cute park nearby.
 White Wagtail
 Gorgeous flowers

 I loved the rock waterfall created for the beautification of the park.
 On the road we saw camel drawn carts.  That's pretty cool!
 It's beautiful!  And once again, the sun is setting on another day of our mission!

 I love the Lord's amazing artwork. This is the sun setting...

...and this is the moon rising.

I love this shot of the rising moon shining through the trees as we drive past.

We have arrived at the Vimal Heritage Inn Hotel in Jaipur. It was very cool and interesting!
The pool is beautiful, but we didn't have a chance to swim.
 From our balcony we could see the puppet show about to begin.
The puppet show drummer!
The puppets were cute and it was fun to see the show.
We enjoyed the show, but really, the main purpose was to sell the puppets.
Here we are beginning to wind down from our mission with a relaxing holiday.

There were some really beautiful things to see inside the hotel, many lovely pieces of art.
So totally Indian, colorful and crazy busy!  I love it.
Gorgeous drawing on silk.

We had a good nights sleep after skyping home to the kids. :)

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