Monday, April 29, 2013

The Taj Mahal

We had a wonderful day in Agra visiting some of the sites there. 
But the greatest was the Taj Mahal.  It really lives up to it's billing.

 We arrived by 6:30 to the Taj Mahal and it was just getting light.
 My ticket cost 750 Rupees and an Indian national costs about 100 Rupees.
 There was already a line up to get inside.

 I made it through the line for women pretty quickly, but Jerome's line was longer.
 This is the actual entrance gate, so huge.  The grounds are beautiful, manicured and spotless!
 This is our first sighting of the Taj.
 The Taj Mahal!
It is interesting how much difference light makes.

We loved seeing the different views, close and far, in the early morning light.
 I felt bad that Elder Wigg didn't wear a white shirt, as the dramatic contrast would have been good.
 The sun on the marble brings it to life.

 All this is marble inlay of semi-precious stones.
 Brown-headed Barbet

People entering into the actual mausoleum.
 This one's my favorite shot as the light is brighter.

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