Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sightseeing in Delhi

This day of sightseeing in Delhi took place February 28th, 2013.

Old Delhi
 I was impressed with the number of peddle or bicycle rickshaws in Old Delhi.
 This young 15 year old boy peddled us around the area.
 The wires are a real problem here.  They say that when it rains, there are power outages and many shorts cause sparks to fly.
 This is the narrow street we were touring.

 We were caught in a giant rickshaw traffic jam!
 The people are all working so hard to earn a living.
 Many tables sold dates and other dried products.


 Jerome is walking with our guide, Benson.

 Interesting buildings near Old Delhi.

 We had lunch at McDonald's.  It gave us a place to sit and visit with some good friends.
Here we are posing outside the mall with our friends: Ashish Pokhrel, Elder Karthik, & Elder Bangari.

New Delhi

 Lotus grounds
 the Bahai Lotus Temple

This is our new carpet which will be shipped home.

 Jerome is finalizing the sale.
Benson chilling in the carpet store.


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