Sunday, February 10, 2013

1 Elder & 1 Sister Ready to Go!!

Recently 2 missionaries were ready to go on their missions, 1 Elder and 1 Sister.

Sister Natta is going to Delhi on her mission.  Her Mom, Sister and 2 nieces came into the Mission Office to see her set apart and wish her good luck as she departs.

It is great to have such a supportive family.

President Funk has set apart both these missionaries.  Sister Natta will serve in Delhi and Elder Dhandapani will return here to this Mission to serve.
 Sister Natta, I love to see your teeth!!  You are beautiful!
 We had lunch at Laajawaab Buffet Restaurant.  It was so good.
 Okay, I'm just trying to make her smile!
 Elder Dhandapani, Elder Solomon, Elder Coombs

 Sister Natta & Elder Dhandapani, just before going to the airport.
 They look amazing, don't they?
 Yup, they're happy and excited to serve! And maybe a little nervous, too.

These are 2 wonderful people and they will make great missionaries!!
Go Forth and Serve!!

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