Sunday, February 10, 2013

1 Elder & 1 Sister Ready to Go!!

Recently 2 missionaries were ready to go on their missions, 1 Elder and 1 Sister.

Sister Natta is going to Delhi on her mission.  Her Mom, Sister and 2 nieces came into the Mission Office to see her set apart and wish her good luck as she departs.

It is great to have such a supportive family.

President Funk has set apart both these missionaries.  Sister Natta will serve in Delhi and Elder Dhandapani will return here to this Mission to serve.
 Sister Natta, I love to see your teeth!!  You are beautiful!
 We had lunch at Laajawaab Buffet Restaurant.  It was so good.
 Elder Dhandapani, Elder Solomon, Elder Coombs

 Sister Natta & Elder Dhandapani, just before going to the airport.
 They look amazing, don't they?

These are 2 wonderful people and they will make great missionaries!!
Go Forth and Serve!!

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