Sunday, February 10, 2013

Parks in the City

We had a very good day visiting the parks in Bangalore City.

Below is the newly renovated park near our apartment.

I must be a child as sometimes I feel the need to play!!
And we both love to walk!

This is a Green Wall -a living work of art.

I like these wind chimes.

It's Preparation Day and we're having a rare break from our Missionary clothes.
Yup, we're the senior citizens in the 'senior citizens' corner'!
 This is Sankey Tank, a cute little park that we enjoy occasionally.
 Now we have arrived at Cubban Park.
 An interesting park bench
 These ladies are resting in the heat of the day.

 Jerome just walking and thinking... I love the trees in Bangalore!

 Now we have arrived at Lalbagh, our very favourite park in Bangalore.
 Public dogs
They say that the dogs in Lalbagh are all spade...I don't think so...

I know this isn't the greatest view, but it's a Eurasian Golden Oriole. (a new bird!)
 Jerome scouting out the birds.
 The Glass House
Nice Egret reflection.
 Roses are one of my fav flowers!
 I always love the rose garden.

 The Glass House from a distance.
 We are leaving Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

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