Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Traditional Indian Welcome!

We were preparing for the arrival of our daughter, Kamille and her husband Paul.
Our landladies helped to prepare the necessary items to give them a Traditional Indian Welcome.

 She was very patient and took her time decorating the plate.
This is the plate prepared with the candle and rice and bindi powder of some kind.

The weary travellers have arrived.
 Yes, Kamille and Paul are a sight for sore eyes!  We are so happy to see them!
 It was about 19 hours of travel time.  Crazy, really!
They had to wait outside the door until they were officially welcomed.
Remember that this is about 4 am!
 The plate of decorations, candle lit, ready.
 Each one got a bindi first.
 And then some rice stuck onto that. Paul was first...
 ...then Kamille.
They're looking pretty Indian now.
 I purchased the flower garlands. They were really fragrant.
Welcome to India!!
Now they can step right foot first, over the threshold and into the apartment!  Welcome!  
We are super thrilled to have you visit!! 

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