Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Their first day in India

Today is the first full day in India for Kamille and Paul!!
The guys went for a haircut!
 Jerome always likes to get spruced up with a new haircut.
 Paul enjoyed his haircut as well.
 His face was feeling fine, it seems! And now, a shave!
 It's pretty interesting to watch the shave.
 Paul got the oil treatment which included some mighty tough massage.

 Next is the machine head massage!
 Paul is happy to be washed up, I think.  He's feeling pretty relaxed at the moment.
 Walking the streets of Bangalore back to the office to catch our auto.
 Next we went to Lalbagh Botanical Gardens.

 Inside the Glass House

 Wow! Lalbagh flowers are so amazingly beautiful!
 The monkeys can be pretty aggressive.  Here he's eating a bag of chips.
 What a cute couple, Kamille & Paul!
 Kamille and Elder Wigg visiting, resting for a moment.

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