Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Last Sunday to Feed the Hungry

How sad!  It's the last Sunday to feed the hungry Elders!!

 I made Mexican food, beef & bean burritos and chicken fajitas.  They all liked it, was the word I heard.
 Elder Wigg & Elder Dhandapani. Of course, Indians are already good at eating with their hands.
 Deepak joined the group of currently serving Elders, just for the fun of it!
 I had a hard time cutting the bottom crust of the 'prophet's dessert'.
 Elder Ram and Deepak visiting with Elder Wigg.
 I love my nice big kitchen.  It allows for many people to work and eat at the same time.
 Okay, so I did just as much talking to the Elders as I did cutting the dessert.
 Sometimes they eat in the living room, if the table is already filled.
 My living room is pretty comfy, too.
 I also made fudge, which is always a favorite.  I had a little bit of leftover banana bread and brownies as well as Christmas chocolates.
 Elder Dhandapani and Elder Karri, both arrived into IBM on 14th of Feb.
 Elder Ram is always a hoot!  Deepak seems to be enjoying himself, too.
 The current Assistants to the President, Elder Ram and Elder Barlow.  They are both so great, hard working and inspired in their teaching and office work.
 Elder Radhakrishnan and Elder Surya also arrived on 14th Feb.
 Elder Dhandapani is getting ready for the group photo.
 Deepak and Elder Radhakrishnan
 back row l to r: Elder Thanniru, Elder Solomon, Elder Eames, Elder Barlow, Elder Radhakrishnan, Elder Ram, Deepak, Elder Srigiri
front row: Elder Karri, Elder Dhandapani, Sister Wigg, Elder Wigg, Elder Surya
 Elder Solomon has an interesting story.  His grandfather was one of the first Mission Presidents in the India Bangalore Mission. He was born in Bangalore, baptized here and then his family moved to Toronto.  His father is a bishop and works as a Temple recorder in the Toronto Temple.  And now he has been called to come back to India to serve his mission.  He is currently serving in the Branch where his Grandmother and Aunt and Uncle live.  That's pretty cool.
 Elder Wigg & Elder Barlow (one of the former refugees!)
 Elder Thanniru
 Elder Surya, Elder Dandapani, Elder Srigiri & Elder Solomon are saying 'goodbye'.
 They are sad that they won't see us again for a long time.
Elder Eames' photo for the President's Board. Hey, where's your jacket?

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