Sunday, March 24, 2013

Last Day in the Office!

Friday, the last day in the Office, is a day we have anticipated and dreaded!

Some friends, the Elders: Elder George, Elder Pace, Elder Fitzpatrick, Elder Yardley with Elder Wigg
Elder Yardley, Elder George, Elder Vaddi, Elder Sommer
Sister Tiefenbach and I got our hair cut at "Bounce" Salon.
Finally, Prakash gives me a smile.
Baskar took our picture outside the salon.
Elder Barlow, Santosh, Elder Ram, Deepak
Elder Ram chugging his pepsi!
Elder Barlow is a funny guy!!  Thanks, Elder Barlow!! Stay that way!!
This is the whole group of us. 3 Senior couples, the Assistants and 2 other friends.
We went for lunch as a group to 'Empire' Buffet.  It was good.
Sister Tiefenbach is learning the office.  She is actually better at most things than me already!
Elder Tiefenbach is also a quick study in the office!  He is good on the computer, too.
Shomo came by the office to say goodbye.  Nice to see you, Elder!
We are nearly done our mission...and it's sad.
Today was the changing of the guard.  We passed on our keys at the end of the day. 
It's kind of hard to do... leave our mission... all the people that we've met and grown to love.  But the Tiefenbach's will do just fine!!  They know the office well enough!
Elder & Sister Smith are serving in Bangalore, as well.

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