Friday, March 8, 2013

Maharajah Palace in Mysore

Mysore was our next stop on our mini tour. And of course, you must visit the Maharajah Palace!
 We asked these guys to take our picture and they thought we wanted our picture with them, so we did. Then they did take our picture.  It's just that sometimes there is a definite language barrier.
 Hey hey!! for 100 rupees you can ride an elephant!!  Hey, that's so fun!
So there we are up on Ruby, the elephant.
 The owner stopped, hopped off, and let each one of us sit on his neck with our legs behind his ears!
 Now, I'm climbing onto her head for my turn!!  It's crazy!
 Okay, I'm here!  Her head is so super prickly and bristly.
Trunk up for luck!
 Kamille is having an opportunity for a ride on the head.
 Dad gave my camera to one of the guides and now he's also in the picture!
We have enjoyed the Palace and the company of our kids!

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