Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting to know our Friends

Friend and Family Time

Kamille and Paul had the awesome experience of visiting with our friends and getting to know them better.  It was fantastic.  We always want our loved ones to know each other, right?

This is Kumar at age 15 in front of his home.  What humble circumstances he springs from but what a difference the Gospel has made in his life.  This family is a true success story.  Kumar is employed and provides a good living for his family.  They have been sealed in the Hong Kong Temple. Kumar serves as the Elder's Quorum President and Usha serves in the Primary.  She stitches clothes for some extra money and sewed 10 little Indian dresses for my granddaughters.  Amazing family!
 We had a great meal at Usha and Kumar's house.
 This is us all together, after a nice dinner.
 Kamille holding little JJ (Jeffrey Joseph).
Elder Wigg took this picture so I could be in it. 
On the left (standing and seated) are Jonas and Asha (their son Jonathan was with Grandma).  
Next to them are Sam and Pradhika (holding Tia).  
In the center back are Prem and Teresmica with little Jeffrey.
On the far right in the back are Kamille and Paul.
These are 3 couples that we have made such good friends with. They are just amazing people and really good examples of the Gospel active in the lives of the Indian people!!

We had a nice pasta dinner and a lovely evening together.  We value the friendship of these friends and hope to keep in touch even after we're home.  I use facebook to keep in touch to some degree.

 Kamille and Paul are enjoying lunch in the office.
 We brought lunch into the office for us and the Service Center so that we could have a visit and enjoy each other's company, as well as the food! The Biryani and Kabobs were great.
You can see Gangadhar, Sam, President William and Sunil eating along with Elder Wigg.
 Elder & Sister Smith from Kitchener Stake joined us for lunch.
 Satish, Sundar and Prem also enjoyed lunch.
 Here is Judy and Rebecca with President Mudumala, partaking of food.
Gangadhar is working hard in the Service Center.  He is the newest employee, just recently hired, so we don't know him as well as the others yet.

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