Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lunch at the Sharma's

We went to lunch at the Sharma's home.

Deepak with his Grandmother.  You can see the love and respect for each other. 
 We are about to eat, and of course, Elder Wigg, who is always on duty, gets a phone call.
 First we had the sweets...rice pudding with raisins and cashews.  It was so good!
We really enjoyed coming into the home of Deepak and his family.  Thanks so much, Deepak.
 The Indian tradition is to serve the guests first and eat your food later.
Sister Sharma served us very kindly and well.
 What a great meal Sister Sharma made for us.  It was all delicious!
Sister Sharma with her son, our good friend & returned missionary, Deepak.

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