Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Amazing people

We had the great opportunity to see some truly amazing people today.

There are some Zone Leaders in this group and some brand new Elders just arrived from the Philippines MTC.  Welcome to the Office, Elders!
 Back row l to r: Elder Barlow, Elder Christensen, Elder Vinck, Elder Hollings, Elder Smith, Elder Edens, Elder Ram.
Front row: Elder Radhakrishnan, Elder Worton, Elder Higgins, Elder Aruldoss, Elder R. Kumar, Elder Srigiri, Elder Karri, Elder Dhandapani, Elder Surya (Seelam).
 Elder Dhandapani
 Elder Karri
 Elder Surya
 Elder Radhakrishnan
 We got a photo after a special training meeting presided by Elder Evans and President Watson.  What a wonderful spiritual feast.  First Sister Funk, Sister Evans and Sister Watson bore their testimonies, then Elder Evans spoke about 'desire'.  He said that if you put up your hand to participate, then the Spirit will teach you.  Amazing to see the interaction with the Elders as they discussed the scriptures where 'desire' was mentioned.
Elder Watson spoke towards the end of the meeting as he was busy with registration and arrived late in the day.  He commended us for our service and wished us well in the future.  Thanks so much for that!
This photo was taken at Whitefield Road Church, in the Cultural Hall.
back row l to r: Elder Sarkies, Elder Surya, Elder Radhakrishnan, Elder Ram, Elder Smith, Elder Dass, Elder Randall, Elder Vinck, Elder Hollings, Elder Yardley, Elder R. Kumar, Elder S. Kumar, Elder Pehrson, Elder Karri.
middle row: Elder Barlow, Elder George, Elder Vaiphei, Elder Kandukuri, Elder Thanniru, Elder Solomon, Elder Pydimala, Elder Ramaraj, Elder Christensen, Elder Worton, Elder Edens, Elder Higgins, Elder Kullai, Elder Kashyap, Elder Dhandapani, Elder Aruldoss, Elder Mills, Elder Srigiri.
front row: Elder Smith, Sister Smith, Sister Evans, Elder Evans, Sister Watson, Elder Watson, Sister Funk, President Funk, Elder Wigg, Sister Wigg
Elder & Sister Evans, President & Sister Watson, President & Sister Funk

We sure enjoyed listening to the words of direction and inspiration from our leaders today.

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