Friday, March 8, 2013

Nagarhole Jeep Safari with K&P

We had the most amazing Jeep Safari in Nagarhole National Park.
 The day started out before sunrise, foggy and chilly. This morning we were glad for a hoodie!
 From Kabini River Lodge, they took us by jeep into Nagarhole National Park.
 First we saw some Peafowl, a Peahen and Peacock.

This is a male Streak-throated Woodpecker.

  Each tiger needs 50 animals for food every year. That's almost 1 kill for food per week.
  Occasionally we would stop and the driver would turn off the engine and listen.  He would hear something and say, "did you hear that? that's a barking deer with a warning that there's a tiger in the area."  Or he might hear a monkey warning call. Then we would drive further to find that area where the sound had come from.  It was a cool procedure or system.
 Our guide spotted this leopard in the tall grass.  I can't figure out how he saw her as she's so hidden.
 I think it's cool that my camera looked through the tall grass and focused on the big cat.
 This is a Common Hoopoe
 This is an Indian Roller which used to be called a Blue Jay.
 Again our guide was amazing and spotted these 2 tigers lying by the waterhole.  I couldn't get a very clean shot through the trees so I handed my camera to the guide on the roof of the jeep and he took these pictures.  Unfortunately, the camera focused on the trees and weeds instead of on the tigers. 
 But it was super fun to see the tigers.  When they saw us, then they decided to move.
 Next we saw 2 more leopards up in a tree.  
This guide is truly amazing at seeing the wildlife.  Well, I guess it is his job and he does it every day.
When the leopards saw us, they started down the tree trunk. 
 First one headed down...
 ...then the second one came down the tree trunk.

Our guides did an amazing job.  Other tourists in other jeeps this morning didn't see any wild cats like we did.  I know we were so thrilled to see what we did as were Kamille and Paul. At the end of a fun 3 hours in the jeep, we saw many amazing creatures, made for us by our Father in Heaven and Saviour, our perfect creator.  
I love nature and the wildlife that He's created for us to enjoy. 

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