Sunday, March 24, 2013

Farewell Indiranagar Branch

Our branch, Indiranagar Branch, had a nice Farewell for us. 
Thank you for all your kindness and love towards us during our mission.  You are great people.  Stay faithful and active and growing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we will see each other again.
We love our Branch and it's wonderful, sweet members of the Church.
 This is Elder Wigg with his Sunday School Class, Camy, Cynthia, Gracy and Nancy.
 Elder Wigg and I with Shirley and her family.
This is Samson, Judy and their girls, Cameron and Megan.
President Anthony and his family!  We love you guys!!
 Brother Bhuvanesh (aka Mike), the Branch Mission Leader.
 Kamal is the Sunday School President in our Branch.
 Usha and I were Visiting Teaching companions for almost a year.
 The Solomon family are great people.  This is Elder Solomon's Grandmother and Aunt & Uncle.
Brothers & friends in our Branch: Jake, Rohith, Bhuvanesh, Arvin, Terence, George, Elder Wigg, Kamal.  Look how great your smiles look!
A great family: 4 on a bike!  Bye, drive safely!
This is our Landlord and Landlady.  They own the house on 3rd Cross, where our apartment is located on the top floor.  
This is Hema and her husband, Doctor Rajendra Prasad and their 2 sons. 
The other couple are the Dr's brother and his wife, who also live in the house.
They are a wonderful family and were always kind and thoughtful towards us.  Thank you!

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