Wednesday, March 20, 2013

People in the IBM Office

We were working, but there were many people in the office today.

 Elder & Sister Smith got shirts from home and we loved them! Almost missionary attire!
 Cambridge 2nd Primary has your back!!  I love it.  And they're signed by the primary kids!
Kamille & Paul hanging out at the office for a little while.
 I love their picture in front of the India map!
 We love having Kamille and Paul visiting us, in India, in the office!!

 Elder Srigiri, working in all diligence as Assistant to the President.
Exit procedures have changed a little bit over the past year, but still, there's a prayer, a handshake with fingers pointed in, and snap of the fingers!!  Good on ya, guys!
This is Elder Barlow, Elder Srigiri, Elder Thanniru and Elder Solomon.
 I was blessed to watch little Ann while Teresa and Manny went to the doctor.
 What a joy!  I love having some grandma time!

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