Sunday, April 29, 2012

Couples Training

The week before couples training we had a new Canadian Couple arrive! 

Welcome to Elder & Sister Tiefenbach from Regina! 

They will be serving in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, south of Bangalore.

 Elder Wigg welcoming the Tiefenbach's to Bangalore.
 Elder & Sister Tiefenbach feeling tired, but happy to have landed safe.
Lunch at Laajawaab, true Indian buffet cuisine!

Couples Training!
All the Senior Couples serving in India were brought into Bangalore for a conference or couples training by President & Sister Funk.
 Hey, hey!  Supper at Chilli's Restaurant was a fun experience.  We are only missing Allison's as they were landing at the airport later than everyone else.
 This is a fun look around the restaurant.
 Elder & Sister Tiefenbach from Regina are serving as Member/Leader Support in Coimbatore.
 Elder & Sister Hatch, from Cardston, are serving a welfare or Humanitarian mission in Hyderabad.
 Elder & Sister Sharma, from Delhi are serving a Family History Mission in Hyderabad.
 President & Sister Funk
Last, but not least, Elder & Sister Wigg, the Mission Office Couple, enjoying Chilli's!
This is the group of couples at Chilli's.  It was such fun eating out together.

These next 3 photos were taken by Sister Funk at Couples Training, so I thought I would include them here.
 Elder Wigg, paying attention.
 We had a wonderful day of learning and testimony.
I must admit, that during the day, with the sun streaming in the windows, I felt a little sleepy. Can you tell?  But then, I would stir and get back into the meeting.

 Outside of the Mission Home.  The condo complex is amazing.
 Beautiful design and atmosphere
 Do you like this one better with natural light, or the next with flash assist?
These are the couples gathered for a photo after Couples Training at the Mission Home.
Far left: Sister Hatch (Elder Hatch was travelling to escort an Elder home to USA)
Next is Elder & Sister Tiefenbach, then Elder & Sister Allison, Elder & Sister Sharma, Elder & Sister Wigg.
In front are President & Sister Funk

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